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Touch(less) (on going)

3d image series and prints of the moment before two "people" touching each other. Project Page

But my eyes are closing

3d image series and prints showing the duration of eyes closing Project Page

UBIK Fiction (Anima)

An Animation I made with Artist Davids Danoss for UBIK Festival, WORM Rotterdam NL. See More...


3d image series and prints of Sea01 Project Page

Go to the sea

Moving Image Work Full Video


Portrait Full Photo Album

Musical Documentaries

Musical Documentaries I made during the period from 2011 to 2015 for Geek Shoot Jack Film Studio Watch Them!

UBIK Fiction Short Films

3 short films for UBIK Festival WORM Rotterdam Watch Them!

The Space Lady Live

The Space Lady Live@WORM Rotterdam 2015 Watch It!

Short Film: 100

100 is a short film talking about the Watch It!

Short Film: Chemistry

Chemistry is a 5 minutes short film I made in 2012 Beijing CN.Watch It!